Review: Ruffles Jalapeno Ranch

When two perfect chip flavors combine, do we reach the heavens of what chips can be? Or has science gone too far…

Chip scorecard (all scores out of 10):

Flavor accuracy: 7

Flavor quality: 7

Aftertaste: 4

Bag quality: 6

Overall: 6.5

It’s hard to mess up a jalapeno chip, which sets a pretty high bar for any chip company hoping to get into the spicy snack game. But Ruffles has been around forever, and for the longest time their flavor portfolio lacked a high quality zesty snack (don’t get us started on their ‘Flamin’ Hot’ line).

So when our local grocery store started carrying Ruffles Jalapeno Ranch, we first though, “what the hell is with that flavor combination?” And then a few seconds later revised our position to be, “oh wow, we have to try these immediately.”

Jalapeno is probably one of our favorite flavors on some of our favorite chips. Tim’s Cascade, Kettle Brand, Miss Vickie’s, if we spend more than five minutes in the chip aisle, it’s likely the paradox of choice will lead us into simply grabbing one of the jalapeno bags of these chips and calling it good.

So ranch, what is that all about? Good question. Is this supposed to be a Doritos Cool Ranch thing or more of a take on the Lay’s Wavy Ranch? Two very distinct tastes. Regardless, it works alright here, more on the Lay’s flavoring, with no resemblance to Cool Ranch. It tasted like a ranch chip should taste, and was the first flavor to hit your mouth.

Here’s the main takeaway on Ruffles Jalapeno Ranch: The first few bites were delicious, the ranch flavor hits first, and maybe two or three seconds later a recognizable spice hits the taste buds. Perhaps a rearranging of the chip’s name to “Ranch Jalapeno” would be appropriate to reflect the cascading flavor’s order. An argument could be made that these aren’t respectably spicy, more of a light pop, but the ranch flavoring does enough to make each bite a satisfying combination.

The aftertaste is a bit rough, but we wouldn’t expect anything else from such a risky taste profile. As with all Ruffles bags, there is too much air, most of the chips resting in the bottom half of an unopened bag. Likely a two-serving bag of chips, maybe three, we did get tired of the taste after a handful of handfuls.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Ruffles Jalapeno Ranch

  1. these Jalapeno Ranch chips a the best ever my whole family is addicted. tonight I am making fried chicken with them, I’m very excited to see how it comes out. thank you

  2. These jalapeño ranch ruffles are the absolute best chip I’ve ever tasted in my life. First off I’m a cultured woman and I season my food heavily. My whole family loves these chips, they are more than satisfying. The perfect amount of spice and roam here combination. The flavor lingers making you want more. I don’t know who reviewed them for ruffles up in the article but they are completely inaccurate. We can not ever get tired of the taste and I know a lot of people who agree.

  3. My wife cannot find them in stores. She brought home a bag in October 2021 I took them with me on vacation and absolutely loved them. I’m glad to hear other people saying it’s the best chip they ever had because I agree. So delicious and addictive but alas I’ve only enjoyed the 1 bag. Why can’t we find them anymore? Are they still being produced or were they only a limited time flavor?

  4. My boyfriend absolutely loves these chips. They are his favorite and we can’t find them anywhere, even online. If you do find them online, either the website looks fake, or they are $15 a bag and $25 to $150 shipping. What’s up with that?? He’s driving me crazy trying to find something comparable. THERE IS NOTHING!! Please, don’t stop making them because someone said they’re not spicy like a jalapeno should be. Just change the name or something and let the public know. They do have a great taste.

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