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Review: Private Selection General Tso’s Chicken Ripple-Cut Kettle Chips

My wife told me ahead of time how horrible these chips are. She wasn’t wrong.

Chip scorecard (all scores out of 10):

Flavor accuracy: 5

Flavor quality: 3

Aftertaste: 2

Bag quality: 7

Overall: 3.5

Sure, maybe we shouldn’t expect much out of a store brand line of chips. But the flavor was so fascinating. And this wasn’t a “Kroger” chip, it was their fancy “Private Selection.” I can hear your “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” from here.

General Tso’s chicken is probably a must when ordering Chinese food, but we’re a hard pass on trying to recreate that flavor on a chip. We’re not sure even the finest of artisan chip makers could make a great chip under this flavor profile, it just doesn’t seem possible. Certainly Kroger wasn’t up to the challenge.

The first thing we noticed, a pretty terrible smell when opening the bag. Not a good start, BUT, sometimes with these bags, that initial whiff being putrid doesn’t mean a bad chip is about to be consumed.

Instead, the first bite, it felt like we had just shoved a small hurricane in our mouths. A whirlwind of flavor and different tastes roaring through our mouths. Experimentation and a shifting flavor profile is always welcome, but in this case, it was overwhelming. The taste wasn’t as bad as the smell of the initial bag opening, but still a pretty low quality experience here.

Did it taste like General Tso’s chicken? Sure, at times, especially once the initial roar of flavor finished doing whatever it was doing to our taste buds. The aftertaste though, something we wish would have passed on sooner, it was obvious hours after consumption that we had eaten these chips.

The one upside – great bag quality, tons of chips in this store brand bag. It was one of the tallest/skinniest bags of chips we had ever seen.

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