REVIEW: Nooney’s Smackers Chips

Chip scorecard (all scores out of 10):

Flavor accuracy: ??

Flavor quality: 10

Aftertaste: 7

Bag quality: 6

Overall: 8.1

FCC/FDA/NSA/CIA Disclosure: The Chip Review was provided this bag of chips for review. We appreciate Nooney’s providing us with a sample.

As many know, one of the main symptoms of COVID is a loss of taste. Right as the sample of this bag arrived in the mail, the entire family in this chip reviewer’s house tested positive. While symptoms were relatively “mild” in the sense that none of us were put in the hospital, they ran the gamut of fevers to difficulty breathing.

The good news for me, however, was that the same day the positive test came back, I cracked into a bag of Nooney’s Smackers Chips and immediately knew I wasn’t going to be losing my taste sense anytime soon as the zest immediately hit me in the mouth like a cold shower that shocks me away every morning.

While we’re all one for big flavors, a little heads up would have been nice on the bag’s label. I imagine this review would have taken a different tone if a younger member of my family had taken the first bite and escalated into an immediate tantrum while I scramble to pour a glass of something that would neutralize the spice.

THAT BEING SAID: The flavor was awesome in the realm of one of my all-time favorites, Tim’s Cascade jalapeno chips. Yes, these are just that good. Nooney’s Smackers Chips are absolute bangers with delicious and unique flavor. In my years of doing this, I haven’t had a chip land so perfectly between savory and spicy (editor’s note: Not to be confused with Hawaiian Kettle Style Luau Chips that nail that sweet and spicy).

Now for some complaints…

This bag suffers a similar fate of many other major chip brands in that it was barely 1/3rd full of chips. Minus a few points for not at least being 50% full.

To reiterate, the flavor profile of this chip was completely missing from the packaging. Some clarity should be added here to make it clear these chips have a kick. If you’re in the mood for that, you’re in for a treat.

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