REVIEW: Hawaiian Sweet Chili Potato Chips

Tim’s Cascade snacks released their Sweet Chili “Hawaiian” chips, we gave them a taste.

The bright orange bag is now a staple in my cabinet. Tim’s Cascade knocked it out of the park with Hawaiian BBQ potato chips. It really is the quality of their standard potato chip crunch that always creates a fantastic base for a variety of flavors, whether that be their superior Jalapeno, Sour Cream & Onion, and Sea Salt & Vinegar to name a few. Their portfolio is impressive.

The Northwest-located food manufacturer, now a subsidiary of Pinnacle Foods, hasn’t compromised on their chip flavors.

That said, we were expecting big things when we first opened a bag of their flavor profile #8 “Sweet Chili,” an adventurous concept that held a strong initial flavor. It definitely tasted like chili powder, we didn’t notice much sweet. But the bigger problem was that many of the chips were over-flavored and some under; a problem not unique to Tim’s, but one that’s still annoying when trying to enjoy a bag. Our biggest gripe with the chip was that it left us with a bit of a clunky aftertaste; these were definitely a “brush your teeth after eating” potato chip.

As always, the Tim’s Cascade brand was spot on with the bag’s size being a fair representation of how many chips were inside. If anything, our complaint with Tim’s is that this standard bag size tends to run at an awkward place between one massive serving or maybe one large serving, and then one small subsequent serving the next day or later in the evening, depending on hunger levels. We do wish that Tim’s would adjust their bag size slightly to take this into account.

We do look forward to further installments in Tim’s Cascade’s experimentation, their portfolio of flavors is one of the most consistent in the industry.

Chip scorecard (all scores out of 10):

Flavor accuracy: 7

Flavor quality: 6

Aftertaste: 3

Bag quality: 9

Overall: 6.5

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