Review: Doritos BLAZE

Who needs an accurate flavor description when you can just call them “BLAZE”?

Chip scorecard (all scores out of 10):

Flavor accuracy: ???

Flavor quality: 6

Aftertaste: 4

Bag quality: 7

Overall: 5

Doritos, one of the few brands who never shies away from X-TREME branding, has released BLAZE flavor tortilla chips. You know when the bag features “heat signature” hand prints and a chip that’s on fiah, that these things are gonna have some zest.

And they do, certainly. The first bite was full of shock and awe as my tongue recoiled by what was an unexpected shot in the mouth of heat but then they go bland real fast.

And I suppose that’s my problem with these chips. It’s not so much that they taste bad, it’s that there’s no way to judge the accuracy of the flavor when the description is so… [insert powerful but yet somehow still non-specific adjective].

Imagine seeing a movie poster with Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence posing romantically but with weapons in front of an exploding submarine out in the middle of the ocean, the title simply reading “LOVE HUNTER.” You would have absolutely no clue what to expect when trying to see that movie using your MoviePass but then realizing their business model is failing meaning the app doesn’t work once you arrive at the theater, and instead have to pay out-of-pocket which makes the experience a little wonky off-the-bat.

That’s kind of what it was like eating Doritos BLAZE.

Doritos has a line of spicy flavors, like Spicy Nacho, Poppin’ Jalapeno, and a bunch of other bigger and bolder adjectives. But none of them ever live up to their names, which is fine but has still set an expectation that it’s safe to buy a Doritos “spicy” flavor (or in this case BLAZE flavor), and enjoy a moderately-flavored chip.

My heart aches for the person who brought these home in hopes of doing something nice for the family only to overwhelm everyone in the household with a chip that out-kicks the coverage of Doritos’ standard spice profile.

Buyer beware.

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One thought on “Review: Doritos BLAZE

  1. Love the content, especially the Ryan Gosling/Jennifer Lawrence “LOVE HUNTER” example, that really made sense to me and I will now think of that every time I see a bag of Doritos Blaze™ chips – thank you for that.

    If I were going to do something nice for my family, I would bring them home a bag of Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili™ tortilla chips. I have eaten an entire bag in one sitting and I have no regrets. In my opinion, the scientists at Doritos found the perfect spicy-sweet ratio. If you are ever looking for another Doritos chip to review, I’d love to see one on them!

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