Kettle Brand Potato Chips – It’s Time to Change How We Open Your Bags

The potato chip bag, one of humankind’s finest packages, filled with the world’s tastiest snack, the potato chip.

For decades, the design hasn’t changed, a simple tug on both sides of the center of the bag, and there you have it, an opening that can easily fit an adult-human hand.

But then Kettle Brand, producer of a mighty-fine portfolio of flavors, tried to get all inventive with their packaging, introducing a small slit at the top-left of their bags. One of the largest design flaws in the chip industry, the slit has caused countless spills, makes it nearly impossible to fit a hand inside as well as harder to re-seal with a chip clip. Don’t even think about trying to pour the last 10% of the bag directly into your mouth, the dust and crumbs will go everywhere.

It’s so bad, in fact, that below you’ll see an instructional video, made by Kettle Brand themselves, showing us that we’ve actually all been doing it wrong this whole time. This should not be necessary when we’re discussing standard chip consumption. Consumers did not ask for this invention, and for that we remain perpetually perturbed. If you need an official video showing your customers how to open your bags, you are doing something wrong.

Ever tried to open a Kettle Brand bag of chips the standard way? Unless you’re able to rip a phone book in half, it’s impossible to open these bags of chips like you would any other more standardized bag. Here at The Chip Review, we have been reduced to shamefully utilizing scissors to open Kettle Brand bags.

Maybe Kettle Brand made a behind-closed-door deal with Big Scissor in order to keep the school supply a necessary function in the proper opening of their bags, but we’ll have to dig into this potential conspiracy at a later date.

This is our official call for Kettle Brand to re-think their bag design and revert to standard chip bag production. It’s time to give the people what they want, and that’s a better way to eat your chips. There is no denying your company’s ability to make some of the best flavors available in most major grocery stores, but your bag design remains lacking.

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3 thoughts on “Kettle Brand Potato Chips – It’s Time to Change How We Open Your Bags

  1. I absolutely hate the way these bags are. These bags are identical to the delicious Late July brand tortilla chips. I love the chips but hate the bags. There are times I choose another brand soley because I dont have a pair of scissors handy.

  2. I support this movement. I was sent into a rage recently by Veggie Straws that open this same way. I just argued w some idiot for 5 minutes about the right way to open a bag of chips, and was met with an almost Trump like resistance. A feel like a vote for this cause is like a vote for truth, freedom, and democracy.

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